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The emotional and physical aftermath that involves?injury from a truck accident is extremely stressful,?painful, and can be specifically?emotionally draining when the victim’s injuries are severe. When a person’s?injury come from?someone else’s careless or negligent acts, it is even more poignant. Additional medical complications also must then be?factored in that situation. Other situations from truck accidents involve situations where the trucking company has allowed a driver to drive drowsy or has failed to properly maintain their fleet of semi-trucks. It is vital?for the friends and family of victims?not to consider?the situation?lightly.

By hiring experienced Texas?truck?lawyers of Weaver law firm, you are making a?critical choice which can?ensure for you to obtain the maximum financial?compensation for your emotional and?physical recovery.

At Weaver Injury Law Firm,?we offer?you and your loved ones?viable legal strategies and medical solutions that come from obtaining the best possible outcome for your unfortunate situation. With more than?30?years of experience, our attorneys?have the legal acumen to provide you powerful help in the case of a truck accident injury situation. We dedicate ourselves to obtaining?fair compensation to each and every one of?our injury clients.?We offer our experience and?dedication which is?recognized for excellence throughout the DFW metro, throughout Texas?and throughout the nation. Our firm has been?voted?2014 Clients’ Choice attorneys on the website, which is a?legal professionals ranking website that demonstrates our legal devotion for?residents throughout Texas.

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Extensive legal experience helping?individuals protect their rights with?positive outcomes in the form of millions of dollars in cash settlements?allowed us to continually?achieve success for clients at a high level. While past results are no guarantee for future results, our attorneys who pass the highest levels of excellence at Richard Weaver Law Firm have spent?decades in their?legal careers assisting Texas families in obtaining the best possible financial and emotional outcomes for their situations. While?insurance companies do not like to pay out damages, and corporations seek to minimize their financial liability, our firm seeks your best interests to obtain the maximum and most fair and suitable results. The insurance companies and corporations responsible for defending injury claim lawsuits have?a large amount?of experience?with denying claims. For this reason, the powerful law firm Weaver Injury Law is the most trusted law firm?to?cut?through legal red tape and insurance lawyer defenses to win you the maximum financial settlement for your injuries. Our attorneys have?insight which?insurance companies do not want you to know about and they know how corporations behave before they choose willingly or unwillingly to settle financial?claims for injuries. Our attorneys?use experience, compassion, and especially their trial?court experience to win lawsuits and seek higher settlements than attorneys who never go to court. We anticipate legal maneuvers which insurance?defense lawyers typically make and by so doing, we can help you?avoid common personal injury lawyer mistakes that other law firms make?when fighting corporations and large?insurance carriers. Our experience is your?advantage for a?personal injury claim. With us, you will have?the legal?upper hand.

In 1987,?Richard Weaver formed his first law firm?based upon the?principles of compassion,?dedication, and attention to client needs. Fast forward to the present day after serving and successfully helping thousands of clients, you will find that with our law firm, you will have dedicated attorneys seeking?fair and maximum financial?recoveries for each and ever?client. Our early legal success combined with?significant growth that resulted from this has earned our law firm a reputation of looking out for clients and not just for ourselves. Our attorneys?hold significant?accolades in the personal injury legal world and?seeks?to always?provide exemplary legal representation for the ones?who most need injury help.

The?Weaver Law Firm Offers Truck Accident Representation:

  • Trucking Collisions
  • Big Truck Rollovers
  • Accidents From DWI/DUI
  • Drug Related Accidents
  • Driver Fatigue Truck Accidents
  • Defective Hazardous Roadways
  • Improper Maintenance of Roadways
  • Head-on Accidents
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Jack-knifes
  • Rear End Truck Accidents
  • Improper Reflectors Truck Accidents
  • Unsecured Loads Truck Accidents
  • Commercial Truck Brake Failure

Major Truck Injuries Which Our Firm Handles Include:

  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Negligent Trucking Companies
  • Back Injuries
  • Amputation

In Addition to Truck Accidents, Our Firm?Also Handles:

At our the?Weaver Injury Law Firm, our legal tactics have earned?prestigious accolades from within the Texas?legal community. Attorney Weaver?has been listed again and again as a powerful attorney with compassionate client results,?while our injury attorneys have received serious industry recognition for financial settlements for clients. Additionally, the firm is?rated on as 10.0 superb. As a law firm, it is our deep desire and dedicated?goal to continue with this high degree?of excellence one?solid client relationship at a time for?each truck?injury client.

No Win – No?Charge. Nothing For Us?Unless You?Win?Money

Attorney and other legal costs?that?most attorneys charge can run into the?exorbitant ranges with clients sometimes?required to dish out money?in advance?before legal?work starts. These legal costs?add insult to injury and become?financial stress on top of emotional and medical trauma for an already stressful and overwhelming injury?situation. At our firm,?we require no payment from clients?unless our firm?obtains financial compensation in the?the settlement or trial process.

By offering?a complimentary?initial injury case evaluation and free?legal advice to prospective clients, you will not need to hesitate before?contacting?us day or night.?We keep our cell phones powered on in case you have an emergency in the middle of the night.?If you have been the victim of?a truck accident that caused you or a loved one?injury, call us today at 214-301-4000. We deal with?other injury?cases as well, such as?car accidents?and other motor vehicle accidents like?motorcycle collisions. We also handle defective products and defective drug cases.?We seek and?recover money from insurance payments which?rightfully belong to our clients.

You may wondering whether your case is too small or too large, but you can rest assured that?if there is a possibility to obtain financial compensation, we will do our very best to?assist you in this regard. And if?the facts of the case prove out that you are?not able to?receive?needed?results, you need not?worry over?extensive legal fees, we will not charge you a dime if we do not collect for you. Consider that to be our?promise which you have from us that we will?fight vigorously to protect client?rights and help you with your?claim during?the whole?process.

Understanding Steps With Wrongful Death

It could?seem to be the?last thing which you are considering?while recovering due to?injuries from a truck or other motor vehicle accident or as you deal?with the passing of a?loved one as a result of?wrongful death?involving a truck accident, car accident, or other negligent situation.?However, it is?important?to?seek legal assistance?immediately because you can be sure that the insurance companies and other corporations are protecting their pocket books.

When you put our law firm to work to review your case and to operate and negotiate on your behalf with your?insurance provider and the negligent party’s insurance provider, you will find that?much of the emotional and financial?stress is taken from off of your?shoulders. That is certainly our goal to help you find relief and at a least to give you some financial assistance for this trying time.

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Our attorneys?have?shown ?dedication along with?exceptional skills inside of the courtroom. It is also important?not to underestimate how much?financial compensation and financial restitution that could?be available for your losses and pain and?suffering. Call our office?right away?to learn what our attorneys?can do to help you with your?injury or wrongful death claim. Breathe easier in knowing you can trust the?Weaver Injury Law Firm. You are in?capable and experienced hands as one of the preeminent truck accident?attorneys?through both Dallas, the DFW metroplex, throughout Texas and throughout the nation.?We?work fervently on your behalf until?the injury case or wrongful death claim is completed. Call?our team today at (214) 301-4000.